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Development of Trading Bots:

Fear and greed are emotions that tend to impact trading and cause traders to blow up their accounts. Traders undergoing emotional stress are susceptible to overtrading, oversitting on losses, and premature closing of positions. Trading bots (also known as automated trading systems) are designed to protect people from these problems.

Bots are programs that automatically follow a trading strategy set by the user. Their decision to buy or sell an asset is based on algorithms that analyse and interpret market data.

Bots spare people from tedious operations, stick to an established strategy, and instantly react to market trends. They heavily facilitate the work of day traders and scalpers. Another benefit of using trading bots is that they process a large number of parameters simultaneously. No human could pull such a task off quickly and without unnecessary losses.

Different bot trading strategies:

Crypto trading bots rely on algorithmic trading in order to run and process complex mathematical formulas and automate and accelerate the trading process.

  1. Trend Following Strategy
  2. Arbitrage
  3. Market Making


Coin Management as per user preference that is to be tracked. User can add/delete the coins and the bot will track the signals.

Turn on the Lenience and hard mode. Lenience mode will send you higher number of signals. The hard mode will result in fewer signals but with higher gains.

Role of Bots in Crypto Trading?

Cryptocurrencies are known for being incredibly volatile, with prices fluctuating dramatically even in the space of minutes. Investors are also has the opportunity to take part in cryptocurrency trading around the world. Combined, these factors limit the effectiveness of human cryptocurrency trading in several ways.

Investors in many cases cannot react quickly enough to changes in price to achieve the optimal trades that are theoretically available to them and they can simply not dedicate as much time to the cryptocurrency markets as necessary to always achieve the best trades. Fortunately for many investors, there are solutions to these issues. One of the primary solutions is bots, or automated tools that conduct trades and execute transactions on the behalf of human investors.

How Bots Work:

Bots can be incredibly helpful, although there remains an ongoing debate about whether they should be permitted in cryptocurrency trading. In order to maximize the impact of a bot, however, an investor must know how to best utilize the tool. For instance, investors must have the proper accounts set up across digital currency exchanges.

Different types of bots for cryptocurrency automated trading:

  1. Arbitrage bots
  2. Market Making Bots
  3. Portfolio Automation Bots
  4. Technical Trading bots

Advantages of Crypto Trading Bots:

  • More Powerful-  There is a specific limit to the amount of data a human trader can process at a time. Crypto trading bots can easily handle bulks of data and arrive at plausible conclusions.
  • Efficient- Trading cryptocurrency assets are always considered more efficient using a crypto trading bot.
  • Emotionless- A crypto trading bot takes every single decision based on the perceived. Unlike humans, it doesn’t have a fear of loss or greed of profit.

Difference between a trading bot vs a human:

1. Longevity– Bots can operate 24/7, humans need to sleep (and rest).
2. Speed– Robots operate magnitudes faster than humans thinking time plus reaction time.
3. Emotionless– Robots aren’t driven by greed or fear. They’ll always do what’s statistically more likely to win.
4. Capacity– Robots can process gigabytes of data per second. Humans quite simply can’t process that much data in that timeframe.

Does a trading robot improve trading performance?

Trading bot is designed to improve the practice of trading strategy and to improve the speed of order execution. However, trading robots are not foolproof like any other trading method. Following market trends, volatility and robot settings, results may fluctuate and become less (or more) profitable over time.

Trading bots should therefore be constantly monitored and tested to assess their profitability and performance over time.